A downloadable game for Windows

A SFW story about a passionate rivalry between collegiate athletes!

It's the final match between the cool, princely Davonte and the fiery, hot-headed Hao Yu! They've always had a close friendship — and rivalry! — but could there be something more blossoming between them? (Yes. The answer is yes.)

Things that are pretty neat about the game:

  • 2 playable characters! Enjoy watching Davonte and Hao Yu's  relationship unfold from different perspectives.
  • 4 endings! I mean, they get together no matter what, but, like, in different ways... y'know.
  • The first and only video game about paint dodgeball! (We're still not sure what the rules are.)
  • Occasional action gameplay! Occasionally! Because that's all you need!
  • Uhhh 15ish minutes of gameplay? Idk. You can run through the story pretty fast.
  • Inspired by too many sports anime. All of them, really. 


Arrow keys to navigate the single menu in the game.

Z, Enter, or Spacebar to advance text.


Michelle Pang  - Character Design/Character Art

Jack Concordia - Narrative Design/Story

Sam Lee - "programming? more like amateur-gramming, heyoooo"

Source code (warning: it's real bad):


Note: We don't have a Mac version because it kept crashing. Sorry about that! 


Splash!.zip 31 MB

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